Medically reviewed by Drugs. Direct comparison studies and placebo trials indicate that Ritalin and Adderall are effective in ADHD, although it is worthwhile noting that most trials are of poor quality and short duration. Ritalin and Adderall are both associated with sleep problems and a decreased appetite; in addition, Ritalin is more likely to cause stomach pain. Ritalin contains methylphenidate whereas Adderall contains a mixture of amphetamine salts MAS.

gatorade and adderall

Although Ritalin and Adderall contain different ingredients, they are both classified as CNS stimulants and are thought to work in a similar way in ADHD - by increasing the concentration of two neurotransmitters dopamine and norepinephrine in the brain. Not everybody responds equally to either Ritalin or Adderall so if one treatment is ineffective or intolerable it is appropriate to try another.

Abuse or dependence potential is untested, but likely to be similar. See also: Drugs. Not as far as ingredients go. Ritalin is a brand name for methylphenidate and Adderall contains mixed amphetamine salts.

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These two neurotransmitters transmit impulses between nerves, which helps improve ADHD symptoms such as hyperactivity, impulsiveness and inattention. Methylphenidate is available as a generic and other brands include Aptensio, Concerta, Metadate, Methylin, and Quillivant.

The mixed amphetamine salts contained in Adderall are dextroamphetamine saccharate, amphetamine aspartate, dextroamphetamine sulfate, and amphetamine sulfate. Adderall is also available as a generic. Several trials have directly compared methylphenidate contained in Ritalin to amphetamines such as Adderall in a cross-over type design one drug is given for a few weeks followed by the other drug after a period of no drug.

Most were done pre and numbers of patients included in each study were too low to report any statistically significant difference between the two drugs. One trend did emerge though, and that was that every study had some subjects who responded better to one drug and not the other - so some people responded better to methylphenidate, and others better to amphetamine-type drugs.

Behavioral therapy is still recommended as a first-line treatment for ADHD in young children. If this doesn't work and your doctor advises medication, it is important to monitor your child for sympto improvement or development of side effects.

If one ADHD medication fails, then it is appropriate to try another. Stimulants are effective for ADHD; however, it is worthwhile noting that the majority of trials have been of poor quality and relatively short duration.

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It is difficult for trials involving CNS stimulants not to be bias in some way — disguising the effects of a stimulant drug is practically impossible, particularly in trials comparing it to placebo, and most trial participants, clinicians and researchers are able to work out who is taking active drug and who is taking placebo. A Cochrane group recently reviewed the results of trials involving methylphenidate for the treatment of ADHD.

The only definite conclusions to come out of the review were that methylphenidate is associated with sleep problems and a decreased appetite, but trials were of too short a duration less than 6 months to confirm any risk of serious adverse effects associated with long-term use. In another review, the Cochrane group investigated the effectiveness of amphetamines in ADHD, and 23 relevant trials were identified.

Children taking amphetamine salts were also more likely to experience sleep problems, decreased appetite, and stomach pain. Although this review included a number of different types of amphetamines lisdexamfetamine, dextroamphetamine, and mixed amphetamine salts there was no evidence that one kind of amphetamine was any better than another. Trials were of too short a duration to predict safety with long term use and no benefits were found for amphetamines that act for longer periods of time versus those that act for shorter.

Both Ritalin and Adderall have the potential to be abused. They don't appear to enhance thinking or learning ability in those without ADHD.They are also taken without a prescription by college students who are unaware of the dangers of using amphetamine salts.

The generic drug substitute for Adderall is named Amphetamine Salts. Adderall is a combination drug composed of four different amphetamine salts. No matter the name given to it, amphetamine salts are nothing more than speed. Adderall is a Schedule II controlled substance a category of drugs considered to have a strong potential for abuse or addiction. Sudden death is rare but there are other mental and physical risks these students are being exposed to.

They include personality changes such as feelings of suspicion and paranoia, depression and extreme nervousness. Even hallucinations, panic attacks, delusions and sudden aggression have occurred while taking this drug. Adderall abuse by college students has been making the news for over a year.

What's the difference between Adderall XR and plain adderall?

NBC covered this story and sent an intern into a major college library asking where to get some Adderall. A young woman at this same college used it one night to study for a test. The next thing she knew she was using it every night to study. Mood swings, insomnia, panic attacks and depression soon followed. In six months her academy scholarship at this excellent university turned into academic probation and in six more months she was asked to leave.

She attributed her entire decline to Adderall use. These young adults were most likely warned by their parents about binge drinking and cocaine type stimulants but advice not to take prescription medication illegally never occurred to mom and dad. It seems that pharmaceutical companies are winning big with Adderall. First, by having doctors prescribe it to school kids as a cure for ADD, a condition which cannot be proved to exist by any know medical test.

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And then by ignoring the fact that many college students are facing addiction or worse by taking amphetamine salts without a prescription. The drug companies get the money while the students get the side effects.Adderall and headaches? You are not alone. Do you experience incessant headaches a few hours after you have taken Adderall?

Adderall headaches are fairly common.

Ritalin vs Adderall: What is the difference?

Although a headache from Adderall does not pose any immediate threat to your life, it is an undesirable feeling that makes the drug counterproductive.

A lot of people take Adderall to increase focus and concentration, and a headache is the opposite of this goal. If you have been wondering how you can deal with Adderall and headaches, we have a solution for you. Adderall, a combination of amphetamine and dextroamphetamine, is a strong nervous system stimulant.

The medication is usually prescribed to ADHD and narcolepsy patients to help them fight hyperactivity. Unlike other smart drugs, Adderall is super-powerful. It has a chemical formula similar to that of meth and ecstasy.

That should tell you something about its potency. Once the drug gets into your brain, it mimics the actions of adrenaline, norepinephrine, and dopamine, but in very high concentrations. The brain uses dopamine to send messages about rewards and pleasure, while epinephrine is used for fight-or-flight responses.

Norepinephrine, on the other hand, it works to control all these neurons. Adderall boosts the functions of norepinephrine and dopamine in the brain, but with some serious side effects. Apart from the headaches, Adderall may also lead to seizures, heart attacks, sleeplessness and loss of appetite.

See: Best Pillows for Migraine Sufferers. The drug is also highly addictive and can lead to dependence. A lot of high school and college kids take Adderall in the hope that it can help them perform well in school. All stimulant drugs can cause headaches when taken in high doses. CNS drugs disturb the balance of chemicals in the brain.

They may also release excessive stress-related chemicals, hence causing a headache. The imbalance of chemicals in the brain is triggers a migraine. Amphetamine induced hypertension is basically high blood pressure that is caused by the use of Amphetamines. Adderall, which is composed from amphetamine, activates the part of your nervous system that controls your fight-or-flight responses.

These kinds of responses invariably increase your systolic blood pressure, heart-rate, and a few other cardiovascular functionalities such as heart contractility.

gatorade and adderall

Scientific study has found that use of recreational drugs including ecstasy, marijuana, cocaine, and amphetamines is a possible cause of reversible cerebral vasoconstriction.

Since Adderall is an amphetamine, we can conclusively deduce that it, in fact, contributes to reversible cerebral vasoconstriction.

The drug induces the release of norepinephrine, which is predisposed to narrow major blood vessels, leading to an Adderall headache. Ironically, some types of headaches are actually relieved by cerebral vasoconstriction. It is for this reason that you will find caffeine as an ingredient in many over the counter headache solutions.

Persistent use of Adderall can cause massive electrolyte disturbances. All amphetamines, and by extension all other psychostimulants, are very powerful diuretics. They deplete certain solute resources such as sodium, potassium, and magnesium from your body. The depletion of sodium and potassium leads to conditions known as hyponatremia and hypokalemia, respectively. The resulting osmotic imbalance in the brain may result in incessant Adderall headaches.

Additionally, when extracellular solute concentrations levels fall below the optimum level, water tends to diffuse into neurons brain cellsmaking them to swell.Hey, this is my first post because i was usually able to find most of my answers via another forum thread. However, i read some other posts that Gatorade is okay to drink with adderall.

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Just wanted some clarification on this because i know gatorade has citric acid. I drank vast amounts of gatorade for the first 3 months I was on Adderall because I worked long hours outside in the heat. But above all, the world needs dreamers who do. Sponsored Links. All times are GMT The time now is AM. Adderall and Gatorade. User Name. Remember Me? Mark Forums Read. Adderall four amphetamine salts. Thread Tools.

gatorade and adderall

Adderall and Gatorade Hey, this is my first post because i was usually able to find most of my answers via another forum thread.

Find all posts by roffles Re: Adderall and Gatorade I drank vast amounts of gatorade for the first 3 months I was on Adderall because I worked long hours outside in the heat. Find all posts by cattail. Urgezz ADDvanced Member. Re: Adderall and Gatorade almost anything besides water has some level of citric acid, i wouldn't get crazy about it just avoid fruit juices like orange and grapefruit and you'll be okay. Find all posts by Urgezz.

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All rights reserved. Do not copy or redistribute in any form! This morning before work, I took my normal does of adderall, 20 mg with a multi-vitamin. I bought a gallon of water, and was drinking on it all day. At about 2 I took my 2nd dose of 10 mg.

By now I had drank almost half a gallon of water. About an hour later, I started getting real lightheaded, dizzy, and numb.

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My whole body felt like it was tingling, my fingers curled up into a fist and hurt if i tried to move them. Then anxiety kicked in and I started freaking out, and the whole body numbness got worse, my tongue began to get numb, and my eyes were swelling shut. At this point my co-worker took me to the hospital. The doctors conclusion was that I was dehydrated and had a reaction to my medicine. I accidently left my med in my center console of my car for the past 4 days, could that have caused them to breakdown?

I have never had a reaction like this, has anybody else ever experienced something like this? I had something similar but not as severe. I was working outside last summer on a very hot day.

How Does Food Impact ADHD Medications?

Hot day in PA is low nineties in the northern tier.Grapefruit Juice Grapefruit juice negatively interacts with more than 50 medications, including statins. Pomegranate Juice An enzyme found in pomegranate juice can break down several blood pressure prescriptions.

Wait at least 4 hours after dosage to drink any calcium-rich beverages. Caffeine including coffee, green tea, and energy drinks Caffeine can pose a serious health threat when taken with stimulants. Avoid a cup of joe when taking ephedrine appetite suppressantsasthma prescriptions, and amphetamines such as Adderall. Sports Drinks The potassium in these drinks can be dangerous when coupled with some heart failure or hypertension drugs.

Bananas are also very rich in potassium. Wine or Energy Drinks Skip the dinnertime glass of wine when taking antidepressents; the combo can cause hypertensionheadaches, fast heart rate, and stroke.

gatorade and adderall

The same goes for energy drinks. Green Tea with vitamin K Vitamin K, also found in broccoli and kale, can decrease the effect of blood thinners such as coumarin or warfarin. Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories.

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Diet and Fitness. Women's Health. Men's Health. Heart Disease. Heart Rhythm. High Blood Pressure. Mental Health. Mental Health Issues. By subscribing, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Adderall and gatorade. Common Questions and Answers about Adderall and gatorade.

I am concerned that she is addicted and will have withdrawal problems. I have hidden the adderall from her and she no longer has it available.

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She relizes that she has a problem and has commited to quit. What are the withdrawal symptoms, how soon after she has quit to they show, how long to they last and how can I help. Read More. Im really glad I landed on this site and im very sorry for my annoying behavior when I was hopped up on Adderall. Reading all of the success stories on here gives me new hope and a new strength.

I recently lost 30 pounds after I changed my diet and started running 6 months ago. I take adderall 30 mg in the morning and mgs in the afternoon.

I am in a masters degree program and am working on my thesis which is due by the end of this month, i plan on reducing my dose and sleep more often and stop smoking after I have finished my thesis, but I have literally a month left to have it finished.

I sleep very minimum hours hours a day at very odd hours. If you continue to snort Adderall it can destroy nasal and sinus cavities, and lung tissue. It's not something that I would recommend to anyone unless you're under supervision by a doctor. This time when I took the 10mg I took it with water and had some Gatorade. I felt the same like I did on Nov 3. So I have now stopped taking redbull or enery drinks before the game.

I feel that the Adderal helps me officiate better.